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Engage regularly in our weekly blog! These posts are authored by many within the Woodland family, and all of our posts have emerged out of our desire to encourage believers along with those curious about faith in their daily life.

These blog posts will help you move forward in your journey, no matter where you’re at. Click the link below to read more.

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Be encouraged by these powerful prophetic words that were given in Woodland services or events. These are words sharing encouragement and direction from God, through voices in the church, to His people.

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Take the opportunity to renew your mind by listening to previous messages that speak to the heart and culture of Woodland Church. Click on a folder below to reveal all of the available messages within each series.

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Daniel leads us through the book of Philippians, illustrating the importance of walking the Christian life while in close community with the body of Christ.

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The people of God are called to be a pure and consecrated people. This truth stands in opposition of our human nature and the culture around us. Who will ascend the hill of the Lord?

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Daniel leads us through multiple passages that explain the significance of the nature of Jesus as the Good Shepherd.