His Eyes to See, Come With His Blessing

This weekend I had the opportunity to go back down to El Paso to celebrate with some dear friends of ours, the Alba family, their 15 Year Anniversary as a church. Cantico Nuevo (New Song) was a brand new church plant when Treasa and I were serving as Youth Pastors at a church in El Paso. My office was across the hall from where this new church, consisting of about twenty people, were meeting in a large classroom. It is a Hispanic Church, and most of the members spoke only Spanish, and I didn't speak any, so I wasn't able to dialogue much with them. Even though I didn't understand much of what they said, I saw something really remarkable in them.

Their love for Jesus and their love for each other was so obvious, and so real. It was contagious even, I remember walking by their open door during one of their meetings, and I couldn't help but smile.

From an outside perspective, it was a small group of people with very little, and not a lot of promise to become much more. Yet God was clearly at work, and He had awakened something in my heart toward them. 

I didn't know them, I wasn't even sure of their need, but I felt like I had to do something to bless them, to help them, to help move their mission forward. 

The problem was, I was still in the Army, and my ministry position was volunteer, so to say it plainly, we were poor... scary poor. I had nothing to give. Yet this feeling didn't go away. One day as I was walking past their door, I looked in and saw the Pastor sitting at his desk. The room they rented was the same room his desk was in. That meant, services, counseling, study, was all in one room. This thought came to mind, "I have a huge office I barely use, I can share it with him." So the next day, I had a couple youth help me move his desk into my office, and I made a spare key to share with him. The day after, I planned to give him the key, but I got there late, so he was frantically looking for his desk when I arrived, but I finally managed to convince him to come to my office where I showed him his desk, and the space we had set up for him. He was moved to tears, and with the help of an interpreter, he explained how much this small gesture meant to him.

That part of the story is cool, but the better part is, Pastor Luis and I became great friends. We would frequently talk with each other, as I began to learn Spanish, and he began to learn more English. In fact, he became more than a friend, he became a Pastor to me. I would often sit in their services and just take in all that was going on. I usually didn't understand much, but there was something beautiful about the atmosphere. I have so many happy memories with Pastor Luis, his sons Edwin and Abraham, his brother Ramon, and many of the other beautiful people there.

Now 15 years later, this small group of people own a massive building where over a thousand people can sit and listen to the same inspired worship, and the same inspired Word I enjoyed in that smaller room years before. God has blessed and expanded the great people and leaders of Cantico Nuevo. 

I share this to remind us of a very important truth in the Kingdom of God. When we begin to see like Him and step out and bless when He asks us to, He expands the gift that we give far more than we can, and He returns our small investment with a tremendous blessing for us as well. 

Allow me to close with this simple picture. In an apple you find many seeds. Yet, if you take just one of those seeds, and plant it in the ground, you get an apple tree. A tree that produces many apples every year, hundreds, even thousands over its life time. So it is with the Kingdom of God. When we take whatever small thing we have now, and sow it into others, God takes that small seed and multiplies it, He blesses it, He expands it far more than we could ever imagine. 

In light of all of this, let me ask you this question. What has God highlighted in your life lately? Where is He asking you to sow seeds of kindness or help in the lives of others? With all my heart, I encourage you to be faithful and step out to do it! You'll never know just how powerful that step could be. Remember, when we look through His eyes to see others and opportunities to bless, it always comes with His blessing on it, He will do far more than we ever could on our own.