The Space Between Truth and Perception

Have you ever experienced a conversation when your impression of what is being said, is different than what others hear? Sometimes it's as simple as a misunderstanding, but sometimes its a sign of a bigger issue.

Our life circumstances, particularly our difficult ones, can shape the way we hear and perceive conversations moving forward. 

If you have a volatile relationship with your parents, it can adversely affect how you perceive authority and leadership. If you have been abandoned or betrayed by a close friend or spouse, it can affect your trust and perception of future friendships and relationships. This isn't rocket science, but I think sometimes we don't fully see these habits or filters we have, and how they affect our lives on a regular basis. 

I certainly don't intend to try, or pretend to be able to help you see where any of these may be in your life in this short article, but I do want to offer some questions for you to consider, to help you identify some possible filters may be in your life, perhaps even without your knowing.

First lets start out with a basic truth, we don't know what is going on inside someone else thoughts or intentions. 

1 Corinthains 2:11 says, "For who knows a person’s thoughts except the spirit of that person, which is in him?"

At times, we can start with incorrect perceptions of others intentions that end up skewing the conversation.

Again, with the example of, our trust being betrayed, we can allow perception to cause us to assume others are not trustworthy. If we've had issues with parents or previous leaders, we can project those same issues, or assumption onto to the new leaders or people in our life. 

Here is my simple encouragement to you, ask God to search your heart, or perhaps more specifically, to reveal your heart to you. Are there some past experiences or difficulties you've had that are shaping, or even damaging your relationships today? Allow God to heal your past hurts, and work through your filters. Allow each person to stand on their own merits, not burdened by others past mistakes.