Are You There Yet?

I remember when Treasa and I were first married, I was in the Army and we lived down in El Paso, TX, stationed at Fort Bliss. Treasa would talk to me, (or sometimes passionately talk to me with raised volume) about things I was doing that were hurtful to her, frustrating to her, or just plain confusing to her. I remember so vividly, even all these years later, the thoughts that went through my mind as she spoke. "What right does she have to judge me for these small inconsequential things, when compared to all the guys around me, I'm a saint! In fact, she's so lucky, she shouldn't complain at all, about anything!"

If you find yourself judging me in this moment, go ahead, but I imagine by the end of this short conversation, you may change your tune.

I was so focused on the competition of my choosing, that I was comparing all of my choices to theirs. So if I was a little more self-aware, I would have more honestly said this to Treasa... "Babe, I am way better to you, than my single, alcoholic, womanizing, non-Christian friends are to their girlfriend of the week! What more do you want from me?"

It has quite a bit less of a zing when put in that context. 

Yet this mistake I made as a brand new ignorant husband directed toward my poor wife, is the same mistake many of us make in our Christian walk. 

We say, "God, I am way more holy and committed to you, than my unsaved, ignorant to Your goodness, not filled with Your Spirit, unreached, unfamiliar with the Bible, not recipients of the power and love of the local church, lost friends are to You! What more do you want from me?"


There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ, and I'm not here to guilt you into, or out of something. I do however, want you to consider how you are living.

Does your life show plainly that Jesus is Lord (ruler/leader/in control) of your life? Philippians 2:5-11

Do your words contain light and life for every hearer? Ephesians 4:29

Are you loving your spouse, family, friends, kids, and neighbors in a radical and sacrificial way? 1 John 3:16

Let's take a good look at where we are standing, and ask ourselves, "Do I really believe I have arrived already?" When we realize that indeed, none of us have, let us ask God, "Where Lord are you calling me to grow? Where Lord are you calling me to surrender? Where Lord are you calling me listen?" 

You'll be so glad you did, and I'm right there with you, walking out and asking the very same questions, right alongside you!