To Get Deeper, You Have to Go Deeper

Last night marks a pretty momentous day for us as a church. We had our first official board meeting. I'm sure that sounds pretty riveting and exciting to you, I can feel it... But stick with me, this is good.

Last night, we met and spent some time really getting to know each other better. We started the night by sharing our stories. Sharing stories is powerful, but how this group shared is what is really powerful. People got real, they got honest, and they went deep. They shared moments of victory and failure. They shared moments of suffering and success. They talked about love, pain, and promises they are still waiting on. 

It was beautiful.

Pretty much everyone had met before, but no one really knew each other deeply. Their willingness to be real and vulnerable created a really awesome moment at the end of the night.

Before we left, we took some time to pray for each other. This group of acquaintances prayed for each other in a powerful way. Tears were shed, encouragement was offered and things moved in a deeply meaningful way.

Here is why I share all this, many of us are looking for meaningful and real connection with people. We want to go deeper in relationships and conversation, but the hard reality is, in order to go deeper in relationship we have to be willing to first be vulnerable. 

I know it's scary, and I know it's risky, but I'm telling you, seeing it, experiencing, watching it... is powerful!