What We Feel and What Is True

The last couple of weeks have been pretty bananas for me. Not really for any big practical reason, it’s just been that kind of season. Have you ever experienced that? Life is flying around, and when people ask what’s going on, you can’t seem to put to words a reason that makes enough sense to justify why you’re feeling the way you are? It’s kind of maddening, and a little embarrassing.

Anyhow, in the midst of this season, I have experienced some really big wins. I mean, really big and exciting blessings. I also have experienced some pretty tough heartache. Nothing earth shattering, but tough all the same. I think the thing with seasons like this one is, our circumstance may not be the biggest problem, it can in fact be kind of a small problem, but it can kick up some dust on an area where there is some hurt that doesn’t have anything directly to do with what our current circumstance is about.

I think that best describes where I have been. Some old dust kicked up by, in the grande scheme of things, a pretty small situation.

The difficulty with moments like this is, there seems to be a space between how we feel, and what is true. I can feel like things are harder than they are but it’s really not that big of a a deal. It can seem like the circumstance is big and scary, but the truth is, it’s not that bad.

Feelings are funny that way.

So here is what I am both learning more about, and practicing in this time.

I am choosing to stare at what is true, while acknowledging and processing how I feel. It’s not healthy to ignore our feelings, it’s actually really damaging. It’s not good to allow our feelings to lead the narrative over what is true, it can be equally as damaging.

In John 16:13 Jesus talks about the coming of the Holy Spirit, and talks about, in part, what the Holy Spirit will do for us. “When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.”

He will guide us into all the truth.

It is quite possible, that our feelings can lead us to believe a lie. It is also quite possible that our logical thinking can lead us to think a lie is true. It is IMPOSSIBLE that the voice of the Holy Spirit can lead us to believe, feel, think, or consider a lie.

So, I am still thinking about what’s going on… I don’t need to shut that down. I am also processing what I’m feeling… I don’t need to ignore or pretend that’s not there. Yet more than both of those, I am leaning into the voice of God, the voice of the Holy Spirit, what His Word says, what He speaks to my spirit in my quiet time with Him. Sometimes it makes logical sense, sometimes it explains my feelings, and sometimes I can’t explain it all, but it is simply what is true… so I stand on it.

I encourage you, whatever season you’re in, use the amazing mind you’ve been given, process and be honest about your feelings… but more than both, listen for, and to the voice of God in your life, and let that be the primary word, the loudest word, and most importantly the final word.

Daniel Sabo

Daniel Sabo