Well, That Was Exciting

If you live in the PNW, like me, you had an interesting week I’m sure! There was snow like we never get in this part of the state, school cancellations, crazy road conditions, power outages, and we even had to close the church on Sunday.

During this week, the thought often crossed my mind, “when I was a kid… I literally prayed for a week just like this…”

If you have read our blogs over the last month or so, you have seen that I have talked about how different this year has been for me, and how the slow start to the year has been a big adjustment to me for sure. I was talking to a friend this week about that, and she shared a really great insight.

What I am perceiving this year as a slow start, or even a tough time getting things going for the year, it is in fact, a foundation being established for me, my family, and our church.

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced these kind of moments, where someone shares something with you, and the power and truth of the statement just catches you off guard, that was this statement for me.

It got me thinking about what this weather has brought, more time slowing down, more time unable to do much; but also more time with my kids playing games, and more time with my wife relaxing and connecting. These are foundational, crucial things.

Maybe I sound like a broken record, but I feel like it’s so important, that it’s worth saying again.

Life is going to come at us, and how it comes, we often have very little say in how that happens. What we have complete control over, is how we respond as it comes. We can fret and stress over the road conditions, or we can enjoy time with our family seeing it as the investment it is, and the benefit it brings to us all. We can feel the pressure of not taking steps forward as we planned, or we can see the season as a foundation building season, a gift, right underneath us.

Let’s slow down, and choose the better thing!

Daniel Sabo