Deal or No Deal

Have you ever been offered a deal that you couldn’t pass up?  A while back on a popular game show, a contestant was offered $603,000 and he turned the money down for a 50/50 chance of winning $1,000,000. The sad thing is he didn’t win the $1,000,000 and he walked away with only $1, ouch! I would venture to guess the contestant regretted his decision---poor guy!

Approximately 3,500 years ago Moses was offered a deal to go into the promise land with the children of Israel, “a land flowing with milk and honey”. The only problem was the Lord offered Moses the promise land at the cost of His presence. God told Moses that He would send an angel to take him and all the children of Israel into the promise land, though because of the sinfulness of the children of Israel God Himself wouldn’t go with them. The incredible thing is Moses declines the offer and later tells God, “If Your presence does not go with us, do not bring us up from here.”

I have asked myself, what would I have done if I was in Moses shoes? It is so easy to get caught pursing what God can do for me (fortune) or what God can do through me (fame) rather than simply pursuing an intimate relationship with God Himself. I believe for Moses the decision was simple, remember Moses was a prince in Egypt, he had a life full of fame and fortune; but all that left him wanting. Moses knew that true fulfillment in life was only found in an intimate relationship with God!

In the end Moses never got the opportunity to go into the promise land, though unlike our game show friend, Moses never regretted his choice to decline the deal. Moses didn’t regret his decision, for he was a man who walked with God!

I’m choosing to purse a relationship with God regardless of the cost or reward. What about you? Will you choose to make your pursuit of God the first thing in your life? It’s truly a deal you will never regret!

Timothy Glasgo

Daniel Sabo