Faithful or Fruitful

I’ve been down at a conference in Dallas this week, a conference focused on encouraging church planters.

Going to conferences is always a bit of a gamble for me. 

Sometimes I go and I am filled with great ideas... some come from God, but probably more often they come from me. 

Sometimes I go, and I leave feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelmed because I hear what people are doing, or suggesting what I should be doing, and it feels impossible or just not right for me.

This conference was encouraging to me, but not in a cheerleading way of encouragement, but rather a confirming encouragement. 

Here is why. This conference, the Lord spoke something specifically for me in my prayer time, and the speakers all spoke messages that aligned perfectly with what God had said to me.

To condense the Lord’s word to me, He simply said, “Trust where I have placed you. Walk with confidence, speak with confidence, be the man I have said that you are.”

All the speakers messages could be condensed into this simple message, “Our responsibility is to be faithful, it is God’s responsibility to be fruitful.”

Here is my takeaway: I had been, in part, trying to be faithful in such a way, it was supernatural. 

The reality is, supernatural is His thing. 

I need to be faithful with what I know He’s asked me to do. He will bring the supernatural ...bring the supernatural however, whenever, and wherever He pleases.

It is no more in my control, than I am responsible to make it happen.

I’m not sure where the Lord has placed you, I’m not sure what passions He has placed in your heart. 

Here is what I do know, our job is to be faithful with what He’s given us to do. He will breath on, He will bless, He will multiply, He will bring fruitfulness.

Daniel Sabo