Scary Isn't the Same as Bad

Over the last couple years, I have experienced a lot of firsts. I have also stood on the edge of many unknowns. As a general rule, I’m pretty okay with that, but it isn’t free. I enjoy a good mystery, I like a little bit of the unknown, and I certainly love a challenge. Yet, it would be important to note, I like those things when I get to pick and choose when they come, how often, and how long they last.

This season has not afforded me any such kind of control.

It’s funny, how over the years when people ask for encouragement or help, the advice we give to walk with them can seem so helpful or complete, and it certainly is sincere, when we speak it. Yet, as we consider that advice in our own difficult seasons, it can seem to fall a little flat.

I have been thinking a lot about that in this season.

I have been thinking about it, because I have often intended the feed back, encouragement, advice, and insight offered to remove the pressure, sobering awe, or difficulty in the situation. I’m not sure why I picture it that way, but I often did.

As I walk through this season, I don’t really sense that God is trying to remove the pressure, the sobering awe, or difficulty of the situation.

I sense He is teaching me how to stand in the midst of it.

I’m not sure what’s in front of you, or what you’re facing, but here is what I do know. Whatever challenge, whether someone else caused it, whether you caused it, or it’s something your witnessing someone else walk through… as scary or difficult as it may be, you can stand, when your hope and strength is found in Christ.

He didn’t call us to live outside of the struggle, He calls us to stand strong, to speak life, and to be light in the midst of struggles.

So, let’s go ahead and stare at what’s in front of us, it’s okay to call it what it is, it may in fact be scary… but that doesn’t mean it’s bad, and it sure doesn’t mean God didn’t call us to walk and stand in every bit of it. He just isn’t asking us to do it by our own strength, His strength is far more capable.

2 Corinthians 4:16-18

Philippians 4:13 and 19

Daniel Sabo

Daniel Sabo