Here are some helpful answers to questions you may have.


Woodland School of Ministry tuition is $10,040* a year for 24 class credits and 6 Internship Practicum credits (this is based on a full-time student participating in a full-time internship for two semesters, Fall/Spring). The total cost covers all with the exception of books. 

For further assistance, contact Treasa our WSoM Coordinator at 

Students are eligible to use any scholarships that are awarded directly to the student. It is our desire that through grants, scholarships, financial-aid, and a part-time job students will graduate WSM with a degree, and as little debt as possible. 

*this is an estimate and tuition may be subject to change at any time.


Even though the cost of tuition is already incredibly competitive to that of most other schools, Woodland School of Ministry and Northwest University want to assist students in making this cost even less.

We are able to do this because of our partnership with Northwest University, a fully accredited University. Therefore students are able to apply for federal financial aid that is received through the FAFSA.

Start by going to FAFSA online at to begin your application. The NU school code is 003783.


Woodland School of Ministry is built around the calling and gifts of each individual student; because of this, each students days of service, meeting times, and type of service will vary. 

That being said, what is the same for each student, is every student is required to attend the weekly WSoM services; serve 20 hours a week in approved ministry areas (including Sundays); and meet with their Ministry Leader and Mentor on a regular basis.


Woodland School of Ministry is based off of Northwest University's Fall, Spring rotation. Each student will have four classes per semester, but they are broken into two sessions. Each semester students also receive 3 credits for their internship hours.

Please see the diagram below for further clarification.