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We’re glad you’re here!

We believe the church is the body of Christ, and as the body, we are submitted to the head, or leader, Jesus Christ. This means two things, first and foremost, we belong to Jesus and follow His lead and direction. Second we belong to each other and need to live in a way that supports, encourages, and spurs each other on.

These core beliefs are expressed through our vision and mission statements: "We are a community pursuing all things in Jesus" and "The power of the church is revealed when every believer walks out God's plan for their life"

We are a community, focused on what Jesus says and directs; and this can only be accomplished as a community, not by a few individuals.
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As a church, we believe in the power of discipleship through community. New Small Groups meet every quarter and are a perfect opportunity for people to be involved in a community.

Each time a group gathers, they have conversations on the weeks topic, engaging in meaningful conversations that build friendship and relationship, as well as stirring each other to grow and mature in their walk with Jesus.

This fall season, choose engage and grow with each other through Small Groups. To view and sign up for specific groups, click the link below!


For questions or more information, contact Josh Calhoun,

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We believe that giving is a part of our worship and an obedience to the Word of God. Partner with us as we pursue all things in Jesus through our giving.


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